About Us

Prisma Colour offer colouring solutions for all industrial applications including; Rubber and Silicone Colourants and Dispersions, Masterbatch and Liquid and Paste Dispersions.

What makes Prisma different is the fact that we are the only company within the industry that manufacture such a vast range of products and our success is based on the ability to provide a ‘one stop shop’ meeting our customers’ needs by matching technical specification, quality and lead-times whilst remaining the most competitive supplier in our field.

Whatever your industrial colouring needs, contact Prisma today on 01457 856 505 and experience the perfect match.

Prisma Colour Ltd is the premier supplier of colour to the Rubber and Silicone Industries in the UK and abroad. Our customers choose Prisma Colour because of our superior technical and application knowledge enabling us to offer a perfect match to any application.

Our knowledge of the supply chain means we shop around on your behalf to ensure your application needs are met at the lowest possible cost. Prisma Colour offer bespoke products and commit to work with you to ensure that you get the best solutions delivered with the best level of service.

With experience supplying colour pigment dispersions, concentrates and masterbatch solutions for all industrial applications, Prisma Colour offer products adapted for your specific requirements. Every customer application is assessed andmatched to ensure the ideal colour match using our ]extensive in-house knowledge.

With a group capacity of over 15000 tonnes per annum across our flexible manufacturing base we can respond to any order size. Prisma Colour has all capabilitiesin-house ensuring that your orders are fulfilled with the shortest lead times.